The Enchanted Village

A fairytale fantasy novel brimming with heroes, knights, witches, elves, dwarfs, goblins, trolls, giants, ogres, dragons, and unicorns. The book takes inspiration from the darker tales of the Brothers Grimm with a dash of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Most of the adventure takes place in the secluded village of Bunwych, a town drenched in magic due to its proximity to the fairy land of Elfhame.

The main protagonist is a woman; strong but conflicted, trying her best to raise her children alone. The chief antagonist is the Fairy Queen, who hates the humans and attempts to meddle with their affairs. A mysterious knight from the distant, more civilized part of the kingdom arrives and attempts to purge the haunted ruined castle of its ghosts. Comic relief is provided by the bumbling Dwarf King who, after killing his fiance for mentioning fairies and flowers, undertakes to woo the most beautiful girl in Bunwych. The characters move through a series of adventures building to the climax on midsummer's night.

Inside the book are 22 charming full color illustrations.

22 full color illustrations

Tales From the Age of Legends

Tales from the Age of Legends is a collection of 22 short stories, set in a mythical period when magic was commonplace, vampires and other monsters roamed the land, ghosts tormented their murderers, and wizards and witches were potent and feared. Combining the brisk pace and action of Robert E. Howard, the diabolical horror of Poe, the romance and intrigue of a gothic mystery novel, the surprise twists of an O Henry story, the humor of Twain, the enchantment of fairy tales, the exotic wonder of the Arabian Nights, along with a smattering of steampunk, this book is a stew of heroic and dark fantasy. The stories are woven together by a traveling storyteller named Barret, a monastic educated scribe and adventurer who is also the chief protagonist in some of the tales.

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